Rosemary Leaves

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Increases immunity, has a tonic and antiviral effect. Rosemary tea is indicated for neuroses and memory problems. Cheers up and improves memory.

Rosemary is used for gastrointestinal diseases, disorders of the nervous system. Infusion of rosemary leaves is used internally for diseases of the upper respiratory tract and asthma. The same infusion can be used to gargle.

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Rosemary herbal tea

The infusion enhances heart contractions, increases blood pressure for a short time, and has a tonic effect. Rosemary has a beneficial effect on unbalanced people, pregnant women and children, relieves anxiety, insomnia and loss of energy.

Long since the Greeks dedicated rosemary to the goddess Venus. It was believed that this plant makes a person cheerful and happy, relieves bad dreams and preserves youth.

Rosemary chemical composition

All the various properties of rosemary are based on its unique and rich chemical composition:

  • Micro and macro elements – potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, zinc, copper, etc.
  • Vitamins – group B, vitamin C, a large amount of vitamin A and E.
  • Amino acids – glycolic, cranazine, caprylic, palmitic, etc.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids that are completely absorbed by the body.

Natural phytosterols, substances that regulate fat metabolism. They help improve brain function based on plant-based ingredients. They prevent the development of stenosis (narrowing) of the vessels of the brain. Even inhaling the aroma of rosemary, our brain receives signals for the correct functioning of the cerebral vessels.

Many acids play the role of conductors of vitamins and minerals in the body. Not all plants possess this property, and this feature of rosemary is unique.

Rosemary applications

Rosemary increases immunity, has a tonic effect on the body. It can be used in the season of colds, as its essential oils have an active antiviral effect when brewed. Rosemary tea is prescribed for neuroses and memory problems.

Rosemary leaves infusion has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines, eliminates symptoms such as spasms, colic and inflammation of the mucous membrane. It has antibacterial and analgesic effects. Improves digestion and metabolism. Removes toxins from the body.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions, rosemary can help with inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

Due to the large amount of amino acids and the active set of aromatic oils, rosemary is used to rejuvenate and cleanse the skin, to combat rash and acne.

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