Fragrant teas, herbs and spices from Bulgaria

Use the power of nature in medicinal plants and herbs to be healthy and happy!
All herbs are grown in the natural, ecologicaly clean conditions of the Strandzha Natural Reserve in Bulgaria.

Teas and mixtures



Why choose our herbs?

We offer completely natural herbal teas, without artificial additives and flavors. All herbs are grown on our eco-estate in a natural way.

All stages of production – collecting, drying, cutting and packaging – are done by hand with love and attention.
We don’t use machinery or chemicals. You will receive only benefit and pleasure from our products.

Our blends of herbal teas have a unique composition, collected according to original recipes from medicinal herbs, proven for centuries.

We take great care of all stages of production, therefore in our herbal teas you can see all parts of plants – flowers, leaves, stems.

Each order is treated individually, as we are a small family business. It is important for us to show attention and satisfy the needs of the client.

Regular consumption of herbal teas will solve stress problems, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract,
strengthen the immune system and give pleasure by taste and aroma.

You will not experience any side effects, as opposed to pills. Only a positive effect and pleasant emotions
from touching a piece of nature preserved in a magical collection.

Order a healthy herbal tea and have fun!

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