Lavender sprigs with flowers

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Lavender has many useful properties – it is fragrant, medicinal and decorative. A decoction of lavender sprigs with flowers is very good for colds, acts as an antiseptic, sedative and antispasmodic.

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Lavender herbal tea – contains and properties

The essential oil is found in all parts of the plant. Its main component is esters of alcohol L-linalool and acids (acetic, butyric, valeric and nylon). In addition, it contains caryophyllene, geraniol, lavender, borneol, etc. The flowers also contain tannins, bitterness and resins, ursolic acid, coumarin, herniarin.

The beneficial effect of the herb and flowers of the plant is due to the rich chemical composition. Elven herb is rich in the following substances:

  • Linalool. One of the main components, contained in large quantities, has a sedative effect on the nervous and cardiac system.
  • Cineol. In the pharmaceutical industry, this substance is used in isolated form for the manufacture of antiseptic, expectorant drugs.
  • Geraniol, borneol. Pronounced aromatic effect.
  • Coumarins. They inhibit the development of protozoa and insects, for this reason lavender is recommended for head lice, parasites, as well as for fighting moths.
  • Tannins. They have a detrimental effect on viruses and bacteria.
  • Resinous compounds. They are characterized by a mild laxative, diuretic effect, and prevent putrefactive processes in the intestines.
  • Acids. They support the activity of the heart, fight against inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Also in lavender contains a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Application of organic lavender tea

Lavender flowers are used as a sedative, analgesic, diuretic, antispasmodic. Lavender leaves have an anti-spastic, bile-thinning agent.

Decoction of flowers treats neuralgic pain, inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media). It is used for neuralgia, migraine, cardiac neurosis, accompanied by palpitations.

The infusion is used for shampooing, lotions and douching. The oil, made from lavender, has antiseptic properties and stimulates rapid wound healing.

With the help of lavender tea, the acidity of the stomach is normalized. It is used to increase appetite, lower blood pressure, and bile outflow.

Lavender improves psycho-emotional state. Scientists have proven that after inhaling the scent of lavender, the brain begins to work more actively: a person makes fewer mistakes and concentrates on what he is doing.

After a hard day, it is good to take a soothing and relieving lavender bath.

Dried lavender inflorescences are used when storing clothes as a means against moths, for aromatizing linen, living quarters.

This plant is recognized as the queen of aromatherapy and is a powerful sedative.

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