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In our bulgarian eco-estate we are mostly engaged in the cultivating and harvesting spicy and medicinal plants. From them we produce herbal teas, blends and seasonings.

Some medicinal herbs grow wildly in our estate. This is yarrow, lovage, St. John’s wort and others. Thanks to this, we can collect, for example, the roots of lovage and prepare a wonderful seasoning from them.

In our eco-estate we grow everything according to the principles of natural farming without use of chemical mineral fertilizers and plant protection products. Therefore, our herbs, teas and seasoning will bring you maximum benefit.

All processes: collection, drying, cutting, packaging are made by hand in natural conditions. The timing for collecting herbs is carefully observed.

Thanks to the location in the foothills of Strandja, 10 km from the sea and the abundance of the sun, our herbs have a high content of essential oils. This is reflected in the wonderful taste and aroma of our teas and spices.

In herbal teas, mixtures and spices, we exclusively use plants grown and harvested on our estate. All recipes are unique. We’ve been developing and testing them for ten years.

Order aromatic herbal teas, blends, seasonings and be healthy and happy!

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