The Magic Mix – All-purpose spice mix

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The magic mix is perfect for meat, poultry, minced meat, fish, game, mushrooms, vegetables, legumes, eggs, soups, sauces.

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All-purpose spice mix “Magic Mix” consists of ground lovage roots, ground coriander seeds, ground black pepper.

The spice has a pungent bittersweet flavor with nutty notes from coriander.

It is used as a spicy addition to soups, fish, meat and poultry dishes, minced meat, vegetable casseroles, salads. Indispensable seasoning for dishes from legumes.

Adding a spice to your daily meals will improve digestion, help maintain the beauty of your hair and nails, and help relieve symptoms of nervous disorders such as insomnia and apathy.

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100 gram, 20 gram, 50 gram