Chopped Tarragon Leaves

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Chopped tarragon leaves are added to meat, fish, vegetable and egg dishes, broths, soups, okroshka and sauces. Tarragon is used to make delicious non-alcoholic beverages, it adds brightness and richness to wines and liqueurs.

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Using tarragon as a condiment

Tarragon leaves is devoid of bitterness and has a strong spicy aroma, pungent and piquant taste. It is added to meat and egg dishes.

In the cuisines of many peoples of the world, this plant is used vegetable soups, broths, in the preparation of second courses of beef, lamb, pork, offal.

Tarragon leaves are used for pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, making pickles, pickling cabbage, soaking apples and pears. Mushrooms can be salted with tarragon. A few twigs of tarragon are enough to get a kind of piquant taste.
Finely chopped leaves are added as a spice to poultry, eggs, light sauces, any meat dishes. It should be added at the very end of cooking, so as not to lose the taste of the plant.

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