Thyme Leaves Spice

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Thyme goes well with meat and vegetarian dishes, fish or dough. It is often used with legumes, eggs, cheeses, smoked meats, all types of poultry and game, many vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash).

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For culinary purposes, thyme is used as a flavoring agent and aromatic spice. Thyme leaves have a pronounced pleasant smell and characteristic taste. It has a pungent spice and a specific bitterness, which gives the dishes a special piquancy.

Thyme seasoning can improve the taste of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, add a special aroma to smoked meats, canned foods, and dough products. At the same time, fatty, fried and smoked foods are easier for the body to absorb.

There are many options for using this seasoning, the main ones are:

  • addition to sauces, marinades for salting, soaking and canning;
  • improving the taste and aroma of poultry, fish, meat, offal and vegetables;
  • adding fresh thyme to salads, broths and soups;
  • use as a seasoning in the manufacture of cheeses, sausages, smoked meats;
  • use for baking.

Thyme leaves are used to season poultry (goose, duck), game, and offal dishes. Thyme is also used for cooking oily fish.

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