Healthy Gums Mixture

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Contains: sage, mint, yarrow, savory.

Strengthens gums, reduces their bleeding, freshens breath.

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Gums rinse mixture

Are you worried about blood on your toothbrush or bad breath? The oral care mixture will help to cope with bleeding gums and freshen your breath!

The composition of the «healthy oral cavity» blend

This mixture consists of the best herbs for combating gum bleeding, such as yarrow, sage, mint and savory.

By rinsing your mouth every morning and evening for a month, you will reduce bleeding of gums, strengthen them and freshen your breath.

How to prepare the infusion

It is very simple to prepare the infusion. Take a cup of hot water and saucer used as a lid. Add a teaspoonfull of a dry herbal mixture, infuse for 5-10 minutes, then strain. That’s it! The rinse solution is ready!

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